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UAV Flight Operations, High Value Geo Data, Mapping, Geospatial Services

RZI flight operations are conducted with experienced, licensed commercial pilots for safety and operational efficiency. The focus at RZI is to provide quick turn around services for sites up to 50 acres. Many different flights can be conducted to achieve different perspectives, including obilique imagery and video collection. 

UAV developed data is typically less expensive than conventional manned aircraft data collection, more accurate, and delivered faster to the client.


Our services include:

  • Survey Grade 2 ft Contour Maps

  • 3-D Topographic Mapping

  • Thermal IR Surveys

  • Pipeline Inspections

  • Natural Resource Mapping

  • Landfill Airspace Calculations

  • Bulk Material Volume Calculations

  • Site Monitoring Video & Point Cloud Imagery

  • Gas Well Drill Pad “As-Built” NPDES Drainage Mapping

  • Abandoned Gas Well Location using a Miniature Magnetometer

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